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Resources for Science Teachers and Parents


Tools for Success.

Here you’ll find everything you need to implement ExploraVision in your virtual or in person classroom successfully. Download all the tools you need and then watch your students as they discover their love for science.

The top 29 teachers who submitted more than 29 eligible online entries are receiving a technology/science-related gift as a special teacher prize. To view last program year’s top 28 teachers, see below. If you bring your fellow teacher to ExploraVision community, you receive a gift! Watch a minite video on Bring Fellow Teacher to ExploraVision Program to find out more!

Tell your school about ExploraVision!

Tell your school or fellow teachers about this amazing tool, ExploraVision!

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First, register yourself to the program, so you’ll be keep posted.

Sample Projects

See what a completed project looks like so you know what’s expected of you and your students.

Project Checklist

Learn exactly what you need to do to complete a project from start to finish.

Classroom Schedules

Get sample timelines to help your students complete their projects before the deadline.

Lesson Plans

Here you’ll find everything you need to implement ExploraVision and make it a seamless and welcome addition to your curriculum.

Ambassador Network and Conference Program

Learn all about Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision through a network of successful coaches and opportunities to meet ExploraVision experts. Hear from past winners to learn about their experiences and what they did right and how they incorporate in their classroom.

Recruit Students

Download promotional ExploraVision posters and classroom handouts to recruit students for your team.

Motivating Your Team

Find the tips you need to get your students excited about ExploraVision and make sure they get the most out of this rewarding program.

Classroom Tips:

Learn from the experiences of ExploraVision teachers and get the inside information on how to make ExploraVision work in your classroom.

Elementary | Junior High | High School

Watch FAQ video to engage your classroom with ExploraVision:
ExploraVision’s Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Skype a Scientist

Tap into the Skype a Scientist program resource, which gives scientists and students in k-12 classrooms the opportunity to connect via video chat in for a 30 to 60 minute session, in a Q&A-style format..

Virtual Learning Tool

Tap into virtual teachering/learning tools to keep your students connected and educated in hands-on STEAM projects; Google Classroom / Google Docs For Education / Zoom Breakout Rooms for Brainstorming

For coaches that would like more information on how to submit mailed entries, please contact exploravision@nsta.org or 1-800-explor-9