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ExploraVision — Science Competition Project Checklist


Double-check your submissions.

Many creative and wonderful projects are disqualified each year because the team didn’t follow the rules. To ensure that doesn’t happen to your team, we encourage students and teachers to double-check these details before submitting an ExploraVision project. To view the correct winning entries of past projects here.

Written Submission (only if you can’t submit online)

  • Is the abstract double-spaced, fewer than 150 words, clearly labeled and does it precede the description?
  • Is the description typed and double-spaced, on standard 8-1/2″ x 11″ white paper, with 1″ margins? (Only applicable if you’re submitting a paper entry.)
  • Is the font a standard 12-point size or larger?
  • Is the description at least one page and no more than 11 pages, including optional artwork?
  • Is the description clearly labeled with headings presented in the following order?
    1. Present Technology
    2. History
    3. Future Technology
    4. Breakthroughs
    5. Design Process
    6. Consequences
  • Does the project include a bibliography page (not counted as part of the description)?
  • Are there exactly five sample Web pages?

Project Details

  • Is the information on the form complete (names, grade levels, school name, address, telephone number and ZIP code)?
  • Does the team consist of two, three or four student members and a coach?
  • Is the project submitted in English?
  • Have you ensured that student, coach, mentor and school names do not appear in the abstract, description, bibliography or sample Web pages?
  • Have you removed any report covers, binders or folders (applies only to mail-in projects)?
  • Does the project include a Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision official submission form (applies only to mail-in submissions though a mail-in entry is strongly discouraged) (see attached at the bottom of this page)?

Tip: It’s a good idea to ask someone who has not been involved with the project to review this checklist and go over the official program guide at the bottom of this page.

For coaches that would like more information on how to submit mailed entries, please contact exploravision@nsta.org or 1-800-explor-9