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Introducing the 2023 ExploraVision National Science Competition 2nd Winners Project: Project FOREST – Unmanned Drones Tackling Wildfires with Precision and Efficiency


Wildfires have become increasingly destructive, posing significant threats to forests, wildlife, and human settlements. Project FOREST offers an innovative solution to combat this menace. Leveraging unmanned drones, this ambitious initiative aims to sense and extinguish fires, while also facilitating forest regeneration through seed planting. Let’s delve into the details of this groundbreaking project.

The Wildfire Dilemma:
Wildfires demand extensive firefighting efforts, putting firefighters at risk and straining resources. Inaccessible terrains, thick vegetation, and limited water sources hinder traditional firefighting methods. Smoke impedes aircraft visibility, hampering aerial operations. These challenges make containing wildfires a daunting task, leading to severe ecological damage, habitat destruction, and adverse environmental consequences.

Introducing Project FOREST:
Project FOREST, short for Fire, Orb, Regrowth, Extinguish, Seeds, Team, envisions a cohesive team of autonomous drones at the forefront of firefighting and reforestation efforts. These unmanned aerial vehicles will collaborate to detect and extinguish fires by deploying fire extinguisher balls. In a brilliant fusion of technology and ecology, these balls will contain monoammonium phosphate – a fire-suppressing agent that also acts as a fertilizing chemical.

The Drone Dream Team:
Equipped with advanced technologies, the drones possess cameras, night vision, temperature sensors, and protective shields to withstand the harsh fire environment. Their primary objective is to work cohesively, dropping fire extinguisher balls strategically and effectively. The drones’ autonomous capabilities enable them to navigate around obstacles, ensuring a safe and efficient operation.

Embracing Positive Impact:
Project FOREST holds immense promise in addressing wildfires promptly, reducing forest destruction, and preserving habitats for wildlife and communities. Reforestation efforts through seed planting would contribute to ecological regeneration, fostering a harmonious relationship between nature and technology.

The Cost of Progress:
As with any groundbreaking endeavor, Project FOREST comes with some drawbacks. Releasing fire extinguishing chemicals into the environment raises environmental concerns. Implementing this advanced technology will involve substantial financial investments. Additionally, the presence of chemical smoke clouds could interfere with satellite communications.

Project FOREST represents a beacon of hope in the fight against wildfires and environmental conservation. By blending cutting-edge technology with ecological preservation, this visionary initiative paves the way for a more resilient and sustainable future. As we proceed with this endeavor, let us remain mindful of the balance between progress and environmental stewardship, ensuring a greener and safer world for generations to come.