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K-12 STEM Competition


Have you ever wondered what the future might hold?

Do you want to know how your life will change by the time you’re an adult?

Teach your kids about the future and help them get excited about learning with ExploraVision, a STEM competition for K-12 students.

ExploraVision is designed to encourage students to combine their imagination with their knowledge of science and technology to explore visions for the future. Teams of 2-4 students select a technology, research how it works, learn why it was invented, and then predict how that technology may change in the future. Students identify what “breakthroughs” are required for their idea to become a reality and describe the positive and negative consequences of their technology on society. The students write a paper and draw a series of web pages to describe and communicate their idea. Finalists make a visual poster (for K-3 grades) and an actual website (for 4-12 grades) as well as a prototype of their future vision.

This project helps steer students toward a lifetime of learning and curiosity while teaching multiple subjects in one project: STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & math), English, research & history

Teachers Download Free Lesson Plans For K-12 Students