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Working with standards

ExploraVision offers a ready-made tool to put into practice many of the Next Generation Science Standards — particularly in the areas of "science and technology" and "science in personal and social perspectives." The competition is also an excellent way for students to learn how to work in collaborative learning groups on an interdisciplinary project.

Standards Goal

ExploraVision Opportunity

Moving toward performance-based assessments of science and problem-solving abilities

ExploraVision requires that students work in teams and write, draw and present their conclusions. This work can assist your assessment of the students' learning.

Engaging students in problem-solving and critical thinking activities

Designing ExploraVision entries provides an excellent opportunity for inquiry-based learning.

Teaching students responsibility for their own learning

ExploraVision requires student commitment and initiative, challenging students to take an active role in their learning.

Building strong communication skills

ExploraVision provides multiple opportunities for students to communicate verbally and in writing, as well as through art and technology.

Working in cooperative learning groups

ExploraVision entries are put together by teams of 2 – 4 students who must work together effectively if they are to be successful.

Stressing science is for all students

ExploraVision is for all students, not just the more academically motivated.

Encouraging interdisciplinary learning

ExploraVision teams must use language arts, math and social studies skills in addition to science.