1st Place Bellarmine College Preparatory — San Jose, CA

Back row left to right: Patrick Adams (coach), Tamara Currier (Toshiba)
Front row left to right: Nithin Buduma, Natalie Ng, Nikhil Buduma, Alexander Powers
Photo credit: Sheila Collison

Immunotargeted DNA-based nanostructures for the delivery of the pro-angiogenic VEGF protein to revascularize infarcted myocardium

Immunotargeted DNA nanostructures integrate DNA "origami" and antibody-based specificity to revascularize damaged heart tissue after a heart attack. This two-component delivery mechanism allows for the specific targeting of the angiogenic VEGF protein directly to the site of injury. Revascularization of infarcted myocardium will make stem cell therapy a viable treatment for heart attacks. This flexible delivery design can also be easily applied to target any therapeutic to any cell population in the human body.

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2nd Place Our Lady of Lourdes Academy — Miami, FL

Left to right: James Clossick (mentor), Gabriela Clossick, Ashley Lopez, Emily Pendas, Helen Nameth (coach)


The S2I is a transformational treatment for scoliosis. The hollow fiber vest delivers drug therapy, electrical impulses, magnetic forces and mechanical forces in concert with each other and orchestrated by a control panel. Transdermal drug therapy will relax muscles and enable the body to reshape bone. Mechanical forces and magnetic forces will straighten the spine while transcutaneous electrical impulses will strengthen the muscles supporting the spine. The S2I will be more effective, safe, and comfortable than current bracing or surgical treatments.

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1st Place Kilmer Middle School — Vienna, VA

Left to right: Susan Bates (coach), Pallavi Bhave, Joyce Tian, Douglas Tyson (principal of Kilmer MS)

Food Allergen Detector

The Food Allergen Detector will use Raman spectroscopy, a method in which a UV laser beam is focused on a food sample and the scattered light is detected. A small amount of the scattered light will change in frequency. The plot of the intensity of the "shifted light" versus the frequency is the unique Raman spectrum of the sample. The FAD will use a database of such Raman spectrums to identify and provide information on the presence or absence of common allergens in the sample.

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2nd Place The Alternative School for Math and Science — Corning, NY

Left to right: Kevin Gahagan (mentor), Benjamin Togni, Dan Gahagan, Gary Murrer (Toshiba)

The Opti Arm-An Optical Interface Prosthetic Device

This prosthetic arm system will simulate the neural pathway and allow true to life movements in real time through the use of a multimode optical fiber interface and genetically modified bioluminescent progenitor cells in the brain. The brain of the wearer would literally control the movements of the arm.

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1st Place Chapman Hill Elementary School — Salem, OR

Back row left to right: Michael Lampert (mentor), Maureen Foelkl (teacher) , Ron Partch (Toshiba)
Front row left to right: Diego Tejeda-Zwerdling, Bridget Hall, Dylan l'Anson-Yount, Eliza Loewen-Thomas


SMART Moves is a full body flexible suit with foot pressure sensors, accelerometers, SMART fabric, memory shape alloys, and a SMART screen. The suit continuously makes slight corrections bringing the individual back to the center of gravity before a fall can occur. Keeping people active and independent while promoting healthy living through SMART Moves technology will become a widespread solution to mobility issues for future generations.

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2nd Place Mitchell Intermediate School — The Woodlands, TX

Left to right: Dawn Caldwell (coach), Sarah Kong, Genna Childers, Alice Zhang, Jodie Glaze (Toshiba)


L.E.A.D.S. is an acronym for the Laminitis Equine Absolute Diagnosis System, a device that can be used to more accurately and swiftly diagnose Laminitis, a debilitating and often deadly disease that affects horses and other hoofed animals. The L.E.A.D.S. is a rectangular pad with a spongy side that a veterinarian presses into the bottom of the animal's hoof that can quickly and easily provide the x-rays, venograms and radiography needed to accurately diagnose laminitis, and a hard side that electronically displays all of the results and data from the tests. Early detection of Laminitis will give affected animals a much better chance of survival.

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1st Place LD Batchelder Elementary School — North Reading, MA

Back row left to right: Elizabeth Dill (coach), Laure Wall (mentor), Mary Ellen Murzyn (Toshiba)
Front row left to right: Harley Duffley, Annika Howe, Abby E. Wall, John Jennings
Photo credit: Norbert Eng (Toshiba)

The SIGHT System

The SIGHT System uses holographic imagery, GPS data, Bluetooth and 4G communication technology to project a 3D image of a building and relay information about an emergency situation to first responders. Rescue personnel would be able to communicate better and coordinate plans using both a holographic table and visual imaging systems built into their helmets, potentially resulting in fewer lives lost and less property damage.

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2nd Place Kingsley Elementary — Evanston, IL

Back row left to right: Joel Huerta (mentor), Beatrice Davis (Principal), Shelly Greco (parent), Michael Kaiser (parent), Martin Schopp (Toshiba)
Front row left to right: Karen Reid (coach), Maggie Huerta, Mackenzie Greco, Nina Kaiser


Head lice are annoying pests! The Lice-A-Nator is a special hairbrush with fiber optic bristles that can detect and kill lice safely and effectively lice and nits on human heads, clothing, furniture, and other objects. The hairbrush's bristles and processors are wired to a computer processor in the brush handle. Our lice detection and extermination product, Lice-A-nator, uses safe, neat, and smart technology to detect and kill lice.

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