1st place
West Salem High School - Salem, OR
Region 5, Grades 10-12, Programmable Bio-Scaffolding, West Salem High School, Salem, OR
Back row right to left: Jonathan Williams (Mentor), Andrew Eyre, Michael Lampert (Coach), Ron Partch (Toshiba); Front row R to L: Bradley Nokes, Renhao Wu, Conner Denning
West Salem High School - Salem, OR

Programmable Bio-Scaffolding: The Suture of the Future

Every day, over two million people are forced to put their lives at risk by taking blood thinning medicines. People suffering from deep vein thrombosis, strokes, and diabetes all share the common fear of uncontrollable bleeding from open wounds. In the future, Programmable Bio-Scaffolding (PBS) system will eliminate this fear. PBS technology consists of DNA-coated hydrogel cubes, each containing a stem cell. The cubes represent pieces to a 3-D puzzle, sticking only to complementary cube. PBS technology will accelerate the process by precisely scaffolding wounds through binding edges of the cut together with premature stem cells. PBS technology will enter the user’s system intravenously or be applied externally to the wound. Patients could use PBS technology in concert with their blood thinning medication. By eliminating the fear of cuts and slow healing wounds, PBS technology is the suture of the future.

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