Science Project National Winners



1st place
Bayville Intermediate - Bayville, NY
Region 1, 4-6, 1st Place, RCBs team, Bayville, NY
(Left to Right); Back Row: Scott McElhiney (principal), Bob Triscari (Toshiba), Paige Coppola (Coach), Debbie McKillen (Mentor); Front Row: Matthew Santibanez, John Hartnett
Bayville Intermediate - Bayville, NY

RCBs (Robotic Cleaning Bivalves)

PCBs [PolyChlorinated Biphenyls] are cancer-causing chemicals found in the sediments of riverbeds and ocean floors. People dredge the ocean floor and riverbeds to remove these sediments. Dredging can actually cause more contamination. Dredging brings 10% of the water dredged with PCBs back into the river/ocean and pollutes the water again. Inspired by advances in biomimicry, we propose to build robotic bivalves to filter PCBs from rivers contaminated with them. Essentially, the robotic bivalves would function like living clams, mussels, or oysters but not actually involve them. Modeling bivalves, our invention would sink to the riverbed, remove harmful PCBs and when done, float back to the surface without involving or harming wildlife. Cyclodextrin sponges would collect the PCBs. PCBs are known to break down faster when bonded to Cyclodextrins [CDs]. This ethical invention targets the Hudson River but can be used in other rivers that have PCB contamination.

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