1st place
Locust Valley Intermediate School - Locust Valley, NY
Toshiba ExploraVision 2016 4-6 Nat Winner Locust Valley Intermediate School
Caroline McBride (Mentor), Bob Triscari (Toshiba), Oliver Blaise, Leonard Gu, Anne Joyce (coach), Sophia Gary (Principal)
Locust Valley Intermediate School - Locust Valley, NY

Hubble NEST (Next Elimination of Space Trash)

There is an alarming amount of space junk traveling in LEO (Lower Earth Orbit) and it is past time that this mess is cleaned up. Space debris, traveling at speeds over 17,000 mph, threatens satellites and spacecrafts orbiting in this area. Our innovation, the Hubble Space Telescope NEST (Next Elimination of Space Trash), will accomplish this cleanup task and more, with the help from the Hubble Telescope and robotic drones. Our innovation also demonstrates ways to recycle in space, by repurposing the Hubble Telescope and by sending reusable collected parts back to Earth. As we continue to further explore our universe, space traffic will increase, and more satellites will be added to provide better services and information. The Hubble NEST is the answer for cleaning up garbage and making space environment safe.

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