Science Project National Winners



1st place
Saint Anthony's High School - South Huntington, NY
2018 Toshiba ExploraVision winner 7-9 St Anthony, New York
Front: Jim Medina (Science Chair), Michael Doboli, Andrew Mullan, Paul Hickey (Toshiba); Back: Brother Gary Cregan (Principal), Paul Paino (Science Research Teacher), Dr. Doboli (Mentor)
Saint Anthony's High School -- South Huntington, NY

Emotion Recognition (EMREC): The personalized future of autism therapy

Individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have deficits in emotion recognition abilities. This leads to uncomfortable social situations, anxiety, depression, and even suicide. We propose a new approach to personalized, always-on therapy for kids and teenagers with ASD based on novel wearable, smart electronic devices. EMREC will improve the lives of individuals with ASD by providing personalized and engaging therapy, and by revealing new patterns of emotion recognition deficiencies.

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