The Gagie School - Kalamazoo, Michigan

ExploraVision 2018 Winner Region 4, 7-9 grades Word Watch Kalamazoo, MI
Front: Kennedy Cross (Toshiba), Sabrina Holley (Coach), Mrs. Grace Gagie (Principal/Founder); Back: Bailey Carlson, Colin Carlson

The Gagie School -- Kalamazoo, Michigan

Word Watch

Over sixty five percent of people learn best by visual presentation compared to hearing or auditory presentation. The ability to interpret and store information increases to over 90% when visual and auditory senses are stimulated at the same time. The ability to turn words into a “visual language” through “Word Watch” technology could change society with its ability to convert all spoken words into a universal “visual language,” improving education, communication and information. Development of “Word Watch” technology will bring better learning and comprehension to persons of all intelligence levels, provide an ability to communicate universally, and build the foundation for a greatly improved society. Our goal is to design an interactive “visual language” that would enable persons to hear and visualize and understand the meaning of spoken words and information to enable better learning: ultimately breaking down educational and cultural barriers and unifying people as citizens of the world.

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