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ExploraVision Regional Fair Competition Winners



Region 1

Students: Ronald Yao, Lucinda Perry, Clair Kiger; Coach: Susan Boyce-Cormier
SpiderPlant CO2 Trapper

We were interested in cutting greenhouse gases, because they are bad for the Earth. We looked at a number of ways we could lower these, and came up with their CO2 Collector complete with a spiderplant that likes those gases. It’s a CO2 Collector for cars with a spiderplant in it, because it eats carbon monoxide as well as carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.

The SpiderPlan CO2 Trapper Storyboard

Region 2

Elias Angstadt, James Angstadt, Not in the picture: Lisa Katzer (Coach), Patrycja Doniewski (Mentor)
Nightmare-No-More Pajamas

Our Nightmare-No-More Pajamas turn the lights out on nightmares for kids everywhere! These comfy pajamas and sleep cap use a smart fabric with electrodes and sensors that monitor a child’s sleep cycle and can comfort the child by helping them to change their bad dreams as they are happening. Based on the technology used in smart beds, our pajamas can monitor heart rate, how much someone sweats, and can detect hormone changes from the fear center in the brain. The pajamas are connected by Bluetooth to a smartphone or other device. The child programs their favorite story or most-loved ideas into the smartphone before bed. When the pajama and sleep cap sense a nightmare is starting, sensors will alert the app to download one of the child’s programmed stories to the brain where it will change the nightmare into a wonderful dream.

The Nightmare-No-More Pajamas Storyboard

The Nightmare-No-More Pajamas video

Region 3

Noah Johnson, Covey Denton (Coach), Daniel Lara-Saguilan
Wobble Suit

The Wobble Suit uses a microchip to control two weights on either side of the suit and to control the stiffness and support of the suit.  It can be custom fitted to wear under clothes and adjusted by a physical therapist to meet the needs of the individual user.  It also comes in standard sizes, so roller rinks, ice skating rinks and other balance-based sports can use it with the general public.  The Wobble Suit adjusts stiffness and uses these small weights to help keep the center of gravity over your core and helps users stay upright on their feet. The Wobble Belt is a belt designed to help users maintain their balance. Whether downhill skiing, roller skating, ice skating or an elderly user unsteady on their feet, the Wobble Suit will meet your balancing needs.  

The Wobble Suite Storyboard

Region 5

Front: Malinda Gilder (Coach), Naisha Tawari, Rubina Mondal (Mentor), Back: Vidyuth Vignesh, Nirvaan Das, Surabi Janakiraman
Diabetic Balance Shoe

We have invented our Diabetic-Balance, “DiaBal” shoe which helps detect and prevent diabetic foot ulcers by using sensors for pain, blood flow, blood pressure, blood sugar and temperature. There are sensors to detect loss of balance and use motors and conveyor belts on the hi-tech DiaBal shoes to spread the feet, stabilize and prevent the fall. The shoe also massages the leg to ensure good blood supply and connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth to capture data and provide updates to doctors.

The Diabetic Balance Shoe Storyboard

The Diabetic Balance Shoe Video

Region 6

Front Row: Alex To, Andrew To, Back Row: Greyson Ebert, Laura Laun (Coach), Patrick Fennessy (Head of School), Eduardo Alexander, Claudia González (Mentor)
Hedera Helix Drone

Our Hedera Helix Drone is a powerful flying machine that will help make our planet cleaner and safer. This next-generation drone will help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by using the gas as its main energy source as it works. It will also help remove another harmful greenhouse gas, methane, from the atmosphere by picking up garbage and sorting it, as well as converting food scraps to fertilizer. This drone can make our planet safer from the effects of global warming too, because it includes systems to detect the kind of natural disasters such as wildfires, floods and hurricanes that climate change threatens to increase. Those systems will warn authorities and people if a disaster may happen so they can protect themselves. Finally, our drones will circle the skies armed with filters to clean other harmful pollutants, including viruses, from the air we all breathe. The Earth will be a cleaner and safer place with our Hedera Helix Drone.

The Hedera Helix Drone Storyboard

The Hedera Helix Drone Video