For Parents


Help your child on the path to success

Students: ExploraVision offers you the chance to take the technologies you're already interested in and turn them into a project you can be proud of. You can imagine anything you’ve ever wanted and think outside the box! We’re here to help you learn how to turn your excitement and ideas into success. Not only will the tools here will help guide you in the competition, but also in taking what you learn into the real world.

Provide Guidance

You are an invaluable resource for your child as he or she goes through the process of putting this rewarding project together. It's important to talk about the project and make sure your child understands what is expected of him or her. A great way to do this is to review previous winning projects together. By asking questions, you can help your child think through the process and break it down into manageable assignments, a habit that will be immeasurably helpful in school and life down the road.

Get Organized

Make sure your child has everything he or she needs to work on the project. Is there a set time each day your child works on homework or projects? Is there a good, well-lit place, such as the dining table or a desk, for him or her to work? You want to provide a homework area that is free of distractions like TV or chatting, but where your child can ask for help if he or she has a question. You can also keep up to date with where your child should be in the process with our sample classroom schedule.

Answer Questions

Be available, but don't hover. When it comes to homework and projects, try to answer your child's questions in a way that helps them discover the answer for him or herself. After all, that’s what the ExploraVision competition is all about: taking big ideas and breaking them down in to manageable steps.

Offer Praise

Let your child know that you recognize the hard work and effort he or she and the team are putting into their project. And take pride in their hard work yourself.