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ExploraVison National Science Competition Winners



1st place

Front: Julian Kotsis, Brody Cho, Chase Carlson, Back: Elliott Skopin (Mentor), Bruce Engberg (Toshiba), Andrew Mechling (coach)

Pet shelters are currently dealing with a huge problem. They are overcrowded, and at many shelters, proper pet care is lacking. Shelter pets may have to deal with small, dirty living conditions, lack of food and water, and not enough proper vet care. Since there are so many pets in shelters, some won’t ever get adopted and they can get killed inhumanely. One of the main causes for animal shelter overpopulation is uneducated pet owners. Uneducated owners could send back or abandon their pet, due to not understanding them. ​ This is where our technology, PetConnect, comes in. PetConnect is an app that uses artificial intelligence to understand and translate behavior of cats and dogs. The A.I. will use Deep Learning to learn from its experience with each pet, making more and more accurate translations. With PetConnect, owners will understand their pets, making more pets have a happy and loving home.

Project website and presentation.

2nd place

Adam Olabi, Kenneth Werbin, Zachary Gibson
The ER Assistant

The project of The ER Assistant, goes through the present technology of blood pressure machines, history of these machines, how the future technology works (i.e., cheaper way of doing ultrasounds combining with a blood pressure machine that will help people’s lives by reducing wait times in ER’s), Breakthroughs includes new technologies to help build on blood pressure machine uses, the pros and cons of our ER assistant, and ideas that we came up with and reason’s why we didn’t choose them for our project.

Project website and presentation.