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ExploraVison National Science Competition Winners



1st place

Maureen Foelkl (Coach); Esau Segura, Audrey Wiegal, Jonathan Barra,Claire Stout
Fungi Plastivore Purifier

Polyurethane is hazardous as it breaks down in soil. Fungi Plastivore Purifier (FPP), uses advanced LIDAR technology for detecting plastic in areas and harnessing solar energy as it hovers, so it won’t damage or destroy an environment. FPP stores 5D printed hemp capsules filled with Pestalotiopsis microspora (PM). Then, using a compression system to insert capsules into the ground, FPP releases capsules at the correct GPS coordinates and soil depth to degrade polyurethane, turning it into organic matter. FPP cleans and purifies our soil, leading to healthier food and water ecosystems while preventing serious illnesses in an environmentally safe way. 

The Fungi Plastivore Purifier website

2nd place

Lars Erik Wiik, Miles Selznick, Jennifer O’Sullivan (Coach), Spencer Frankel
The Replenishanator

The Replenishanator helps with deforestation using technology to improve the replanting process. The Replenishanator utilizes a modified drone with a pressurized seed gun to carry a smart seedling for planting to help reforest the planet. The smart seedlings are encapsulated in a pod containing everything needed to optimize the seedling’s ability to be successfully planted. The Replenishanator will be loaded with other technologies allowing for additional research and improvements. The Replenishanator will help the environment and address climate change.

The Replenishanator website