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West Salem High School – Salem, OR


qSafe: Power Cell of the Future

Recently, dangerous explosions  in  lithium-ion  batteries  have  put  many  lives  at  risk  and  caused  several   major   product   recalls   affecting   cell   phones,   airplanes,   hoverboards,   and   laptops. Researchers  and  technology  companies  worldwide  have  developed  solutions  that  are  often  impractical  and  fail  to  address  the  root  causes  of  the  explosions.  Our  qSafe  power  cell  uses  a system  of  surface  acoustic  waves  that  prevent  hazardous lithium  buildups,  which  cause  short circuits and  explosions  in  lithium-ion  batteries.  Furthermore,  advances  in  chemistry  will  allow  the  qSafe  power  cell  to  perform  with  increased  efficiency  through  the  application  of  quantum  nano-based  materials.  The  use  of  these  materials  also solves  ethical  issues  created  by  unsafe  conditions  in  mining  cobalt,  which  is  utilized  in  current  lithium-ion  battery  technology.  The qSafe power cell will be a quantum leap into safe, efficient, and ethical battery technology.

Project website: http://www.qsafepowercell.com/