St. Brother Andre - Ottawa, Ontario

2018 Toshiba ExploraVision 4-6 winner, St. Brother Andre, Ottawa, Canada
Deborah Quail-Blier (Coach), Owen Fagan, Cooper Freestone, Shawn Ding, Ron Geerts (Toshiba), Sean Crookshank (School Principal)

St. Brother Andre -- Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Perpetual Energy Motor

Our Perpetual Energy Motor will solve the problem of having to charge your battery in all electric vehicles, and will reduce the heavy reliance on costly electricity. This will address one of humanity’s biggest problems: climate change. Automobiles today create 1⁄5 of all CO2 emissions in the US alone, and is one of the greatest causes of climate change. If climate change continues at this rate we won’t have a planet to pass on to future generations. Our technology will reduce the need for energy from power plants and and make gasoline powered cars a thing of the past. Our two small alternators will attach to the axles of vehicles and will feature the highly conductive silver coils, instead of copper. These new smaller and lighter alternators will harness energy to power the car, from the rotation of the axles. This new innovation will preserve our planet for future generations.

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