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Rothesay Netherwood School – Rothesay, New Brunswick


Bulletproof Vests

Our future technology, bulletproof clothing, has the potential to revolutionize bullet safety. This magnesium infused metal in our bullet resistant clothing is thirty times stronger than the Kevlar fibers used in current vests. It is also much lighter, flexible, and more breathable than the current vests. The magnesium infused metal has a world record yield strength and the highest magnesium heat resistance and it stands up to most extreme conditions, making it good for the army. Another good component is that it protects more than the vital organs. The clothing that we have created is made up of magnesium that is weaved together with silicon carbide nanoparticles. The clothing, which could be a vest, gloves, pants, etc, would be made of many layers of our material, with cotton as a base for comfort reasons. This would provide maximum security for our officers and soldiers who risk their lives everyday.

Project website: http://dev.nsta.org/evwebs/2195g/