Sample Web Pages


Team members must prepare five sample Web pages that communicate and promote their future technology vision. Sample Web pages may be hand-drawn on a web page form and attached as a pdf or computer-generated in a Word or PowerPoint document and may include text, pictures, photographs and diagrams in black & white or in color. A collage of graphics or photographs may be pasted onto the Sample Web Page form. Use of the Sample Web Page form is optional.
Mandatory criteria:
  • The sample Web pages should relate to material presented in the written description and illustrate the attributes of the chosen technology
  • Each Web page should relate to the others as if the team were actually designing a website to promote its future technology
  • One Web Page must be devoted to a depiction of a model or visual representation of the technology that could be used to create a prototype for display; the model does not need to be a perfect representation of what the technology would look like completed, just a depiction that will help others visualize the design and communicate key features
  • Please remember to give proper credit in the bibliography to any non-original artwork
Below is a sample Web page from a group in the grades 7 – 9 category.