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Plainview Old Bethpage JFK HS – Plainview, NY


Intra-Neuromuscular Cellular Regeneration Promoter

Nerve damage and neurodegenerative disorders like Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Multiple Sclerosis are infamous for their incurable nature. Neurons, being the highly specialized cells as they are, undergo virtually no cellular division, rendering reduced or diseased cell populations with no natural method of regeneration or healing. Through the future technology we envision, we aim to improve our ability to apply modern stem cell research towards this problem in an efficient and highly potent manner. Our technology consists of a personalized mesh lattice implant, designed to be surgically inserted into a damaged tissue where it can release biochemical epigenetic factors to promote cell reprogramming into pluripotent stem cells and act as a structural guide for new cell growth. We hope that this technology will not only provide a viable treatment for neurodegeneration, but also serve to alleviate debilitating general tissue damage from injury and disease as well.

Project website: http://dev.nsta.org/evwebs/4804b/