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Student Resources

The tools to fuel your success.

Students: ExploraVision offers you the chance to take the technologies you're already interested in and turn them into a project you can be proud of. Take some time to download and look through the resources we've provided for you. They'll help guide you through the process as you ask your teacher to register and make the most of this fun experience.

  • Brainstorm

    Discover the best ways to approach the project and start the process of gathering topics that you might be interested in exploring.
  • Choosing a topic

    Decide what kind of technology you would like to study, learn more about and predict the future of.
  • Research

    Learn where to find the information you need, from experts in the community to books, magazines and websites.

A Word From Our Alumni

"ExploraVision helped me to develop strong thinking skills. It's a great chance to learn something about practical science and to have fun at the same time."
McGill University
1996 Award Winner