1st place
Bayville Intermediate - Bayville, NY
(L to R) Back Row : Scott McElhiney (Principal), Bob Triscari (Toshiba Rep), Paige Coppola (Coach), Donna DeJesu (Mentor); Front Row: Evie Bergman, Emilia Baylerlander, Adhvaith Sreenivas, Lucia Connolly
Bayville Intermediate - Bayville, NY

Float Tees

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death of children under the age of five.  Swimming pools are the most common places for these fatalities.  Some ways to prevent drowning include swimming lessons, surrounding pools with fences, and wearing personal floatation devices.  Since life vests can be bulky and uncomfortable to use, many children may not want to wear them. This bad choice could possibly lead to injury or death.  Also, these devices can be difficult to pack in a bag when going on a family vacation or to the beach.Our group has created a woven fabric that can be made into comfortable clothing, such as tee-shirts, that could help save lives.  The threads used in making this fabric will have buoyant properties.  We will turn to nature to help us solve this problem by researching how plankton stay afloat.

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