1st place
Bayville Intermediate - Bayville, NY
2016 Toshiba ExploraVision K-3 Nat winner Bayville Intermediate, Bayville, NY
Back:Donna DeJesu (mentor), Scott McElhiney (Principal), Paige Coppola (coach), Bob Triscari (Toshiba), Front: Angelica Sheehan, Jonah Santoro, John Hartnett, Olivia Childs Friedman
Bayville Intermediate - Bayville, NY

The Tick Detective - Creating a scanning device to detect the presence of a deer tick on the human body

The Tick Detective is to create a scanning device that will detect the presence of a deer tick on the human body. These ticks can be as small as a speck of black pepper making detection extremely difficult. In order to detect the tick, our research involved finding out what types of body fluids are given off and what the components are. Since deer ticks secrete a substance called squalene when attaching to the host, research has shown that the antennae of fire ants can detect this and give off an electrical signal. This technology can very possibly be used in a hand held scanner. It is well known that this is an insect that can transmit serious diseases to humans such as Lyme disease. The sooner the tick is found, the chances of prevention or a cure of this disease is greatly improved.

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