Science Project National Winners



1st place
University Laboratory High School - Urbana, IL
Toshiba ExploraVision 2016 Winner, University Laboratory High School
Back: Kennedy Cross (Toshiba), Front: David Stone (Coach),Sarah Zhang,Joy Chen, Aditya Yedetore, Rima Rebei, Katie Tender (Mentor)
University Laboratory High School - Urbana, IL

BEISight: Bionic Eye Implant for Sight

The Bionic Eye Implant for Sight ( BEISight) is a visual prosthesis designed for longterm use by people who have damaged or deteriorating retinas. It replaces the majority of the eyeball with a partially removable prosthetic containing a clear solar panel, two cylindrical cameras, and an image-to-electrical signal converter that sends signals across magnets to an electrode array implanted in the epiretinal membrane. The technology builds upon existing retinal prostheses by dramatically increasing the number of electrodes in the array implanted behind the retina, thereby improving the level of detail that users are able to discern from phosphene images. Combined with recent innovations in solar panel technology, BEISight will fuse compactness, efficiency, and durability with an overall higher quality visual experience.

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