Northview High School - Duluth, GA

Leslie King (Toshiba), Sara Lepkofker (Coach), Avni Kakkar, Jasmine Gao, Sally Pan, Brian Downey (Principle)

Northview High School - Duluth, GA

External Microbial Cleansing Device- EMCD

Annually, microbial pathogens and toxins in the bloodstream cause millions of deaths worldwide, in the form of diseases such as sepsis and AIDS, or bacterial infections from transplants. Current treatments only include broad antibiotic therapies and are ineffective because of increasing antibiotic resistance and the lack of nuanced treatment. Therefore we propose an eternal microbial cleansing device (EMCD) which functions with the aid of magnetic nanobeads attached to artificially engineered human opsonin-mannose-binding lectins (MBLs) that have the capability to capture a wide variety of pathogens in the bloodstream. The EMCD will quickly and efficiently remove bacteria, fungi, viruses, and toxins in the blood and enable therapy without the need to first identify the infectious agents. With the ability to deliver enriching nutrients, monitor blood, and develop medical reports, this revolutionary technology will drastically improve the outcome of numerous patients with pathogenic diseases.

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