1st place
Waldron Mercy Academy - Merion Station, PA
Region 2, K-3, Sea Turtle Assistance Rod, Waldron Mercy Academy, Merion Station, PA
Back, R to L: Nell Stetser (Principal), Liz Meyer (Coach), Lucille Morinelli (Mentor), Robert Hartman (Toshiba), Front, R to L: Lela Miller, Lola Hewitt, Emma Braun
Waldron Mercy Academy - Merion Station, PA

S.T.A.R. Sea Turtle Assistance Rod

A mother sea turtle will come onto the beach, usually at night, to lay her eggs. She lays her eggs in a nest that she covers with sand for protection, and then she returns to the sea. Turtle hatchlings must find their way to the ocean. They are often distracted by the bright lights from houses and hotels on the beach. This causes them to go in the wrong direction. Because of this and other challenges posed by predators, only one in one thousand hatchlings will survive to adulthood! Our S.T.A.R. technology of the future tackles this problem by using sea turtle “rescue packs” that will protect nests, maintain safe temperatures for turtle eggs and provide a guide for turtle hatchlings to reach the ocean safely. Night vision cameras, temperature and motion sensors, and solar cells will help to keep sea turtle hatchlings safe as they journey to the sea.